Citizen 62-6198

I never pass up the chance to showcase one of these 1970’s Citizen dive watches, they do seem to fly under the radar somewhat, at least compared to the 1970’s counterparts from the Seiko stable. They come in many different varieties, far too many to go into detail here but well worth a read is Stephens blog section about the vintage Citizen divers of the 1960’s to 1980’s.

This particular one came in for a new crystal and insert. It’s one of the more sought after Citizen 150m dive models of the time as it has the red date numerals and “6000” on the caseback in place of the more usual “Citizen Watch Co”. These can be dated via the serial number using a similar system to that of Seiko. If you know the decade the watch was produced in the first digit represents the year of manufacture, the next two digits represent the month. This example starts 406, as these were produced in the 1970’s we can tell it’s from 1974, the 06 means June was the month it was manufactured. Stephen has produced a wonderful movement table for determining the date of production of vintage Citizen watches.


The crystal sealing system is unusual in so much as there is two o-rings to seal against moisture ingress, one sits under the crystal the other around the circumference between the crystal and the case. Most contemporary divers were just using one seal by this time, in the case of Seiko they had switched to their “L” shaped type.


The new insert and the old, as you can see the old has lost its shine over the years. The replacement insert is a reproduction as originals have long since been unavailable, but it’s the highest quality reproduction available and as you can see faithful to the original.


It’s not just stamped out of a recycled baked bean tin either, it actually appears to be machined. As can be seen from the rear view it retains the correct profile of the original.


The new and the old crystal, original crystals are incredibly difficult to source these days but reproductions are available now, I’m not sure how faithful they are to the original as I’ve never handled one but it’s good to know these are being reproduced.


The crystal installed before the retaining ring goes on. I took the opportunity to ultrasonically clean all the case components whilst the watch was stripped.


A shot with the crystal retaining ring fitted. The bezel is fitted to the case by using a wire spring which clips into a groove below the retaining ring.


A picture of the dial and hands. The lume has discoloured slightly but not badly enough to warrant a relume. It all adds to the authenticity of the watch in my opinion.


A shot of the 21 jewel, 21,600bph calibre 6001 movement. The 6001 was date only, the 6501 was the day/date version.


And here it is, now finished, with it’s scratch free crystal. I think you’ll agree, a very handsome watch.





    1. It’ll be difficult to find a bezel, about the only way would be to buy a complete donor watch on eBay, that way you wouldn’t need to worry about whether it ran or the condition of the dial and handset.


    1. It’s in the usual place just above the stem when the back is off and the crown’s oriented on the right. If you’re not sure what a stem release button looks like be extra careful when your working on the watch, don’t use any force!


      1. Hi thanks mate! In the meantime I managed to get the crown out. It was a bit harder than I’m used to.

        Thanks again and I love reading your website.


  1. Hi there, I am from Indonesia & I have a Citizen 52-0110 which is quite similar to your watch, it’s a gift from my dad who bought it in 1978 but the watch itself was produced in May 1977 according to the serial number on the caseback.. The bezel insert, crystal and hands are already worn out and I want to replace it with the new parts, do you know any seller on internet where I can purchase these parts? Many thanks in advance for any information.. Cheers..


  2. HI, just found your site and write up on the citizen 62-6198, I was left one by my mothers second husband. Not in great shape, and is fast by a lot in a day, I was told by a watch repair shop to send it back to citizen, who just sent it back to me saying they had no parts. They did not say that it could be serviced so it would keep time. This would be the first thing I would like to get fixed, and then move on to may be doing the crystal, insert, bracelet, and lume. In the repair you describe above were the replacement parts provided by the customer? Or do you have them in stock? I am a great big citizen fan. My first being a Wing man in high school, to about 10 current solar models. I would love to get this one at least running and possibly looking great. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


      1. Fantastic, I will try to track an insert down, if you can contact me on my email address in my details so we can keep in touch, and you can give me an estimate on what it might all cost. I live in the states currently. Thanks James


      2. I have found an insert, just need to work out logistics and some pricing for my budget.


  3. @James Neylon, where did you find an insert? is it original or aftermarket? does the seller have another one available?


  4. Hi i’m working on a 52-0110 and I need to find a new glass .Can you suggest me where is possible?thank you in advance I have two of this one in great conditions and two 51-2273 one like new…if you like I can send to you some picture.


  5. Hi, where can I find a replacement insert and crystal for a citizen 150m 62-6198 like the one above that you have repaired? It’s my dad’s old watch and the crystal and insert are quite scratched up, so it would be nice to be able to replace them. Are there any originals for sale or are all replacement parts for this watch aftermarket and reproduced parts?


  6. I’m restoring the same watch and I’m desperately looking for a bezel, could you tell me where you got it, or wherever I can find it well made? Thank you.


    1. In answer to the almost daily enquiries I get about bezel inserts or crystals for these 62-6198’s, I don’t know where you can buy them! I don’t know anyone remanufacturing these at this time.


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