Seiko Black Bay mod

Something I’m asked to do occasionally is to modify a watch or “mod” it as this is known. The donor watches are usually Seikos as there is a huge amount of custom parts available for many different models. The watch featured here is a Seiko SXK009 and the parts to be fitted will turn it into a Tudor Black Bay homage. The parts needed to accomplish this are a snowflake handset, a dial, an insert, a polished rehaut or chapter ring and a sapphire crystal was also fitted although not strictly necessary.


The bezel was popped off and the insert was removed. This leaves a load of sticky adhesive that has to be cleaned off.


The movement is removed and the hands lined up ready for removal.


The dial and handset are removed revealing the day/date wheels that will never be seen again!


The crystal is removed….


….and the chapter ring is also taken out ready for the polished aluminium one to be fitted.


The chapter ring, crystal, dial and handset are fitted and the movement recased. Make sure you grease the seals before closing up!


The bezel insert can now be fitted and lined up correctly with the dial.


And there she is, jobs a good’un.


The last thing to do is a pressure test to see if it’s water resistant, in the chamber and up to pressure in this shot.


Wait 15 minutes then submerge.


Release the pressure and no streams of bubbles so all’s good.


And the end result is a very nice looking functional homage to the Black Bay.




  1. Seiko pieces are my favorite choice when it comes to diver’s watches.Their craftsmanship is so admirable, Seiko is among the few brands that can offer a high-quality watch at an affordable price.


  2. Cool mod.
    I have an SKX031and would like to mod the day/date from stock blk/on white to white/on black. Are there white/on blk aft/mrkt day/date wheels available?


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