Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6040

I’ve written about Seikos Bell-Matic alarm watches before but I thought I’d feature this one as it’s a complete tour-de-force of problems you can find with a watch! It came in for a service, a spruce up and a relume as the minute hand had lost a small section of lume and the owner wanted it to glow again. I was told it had been running, then it ran intermittently, then it wouldn’t run at all – dirt and debris in the movement or a loose screw rattling around inside perhaps? Time will tell! The watch is a 4006-6040 with a gold dial and contrasting black alarm indicator ring, and arrived on its original bracelet. The first thing I noticed when winding the alarm was that the spring was slipping so that would also need addressing as the alarm wouldn’t sound for as long as it should, needless to say it wasn’t a runner.

Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6040 (more…)

Seiko 4006-7000 Bell-Matic

Seikos Bell-Matics are fun watches and have quite a following, there are a huge variety of models to choose from and prices are still sensible at the moment. The example featured below came in for a movement service and the first thing you can spot is there’s obviously a problem with the day changeover as the wheel is stuck between two days. This is usually caused by a broken or bent day jumper, the component that locks the wheel into the correct position when it rolls over to the next day.

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You can ring my Bell

This Seiko 4006-7011 came in recently for a service and to sort out a problem with the date changeover.


The Bellmatic line was originally released in 1966 and carried on to the late seventies. The earliest Bells used the date only calibre 4005a movement, these were soon phased out and the day/date 4006a was used from thereon in. The alarms spring is wound by the crown whilst the movement is wound automatically.  To set the time of the alarm you pull the crown out one click and rotate the indicator on the chapter ring to the desired time. As soon as you pull the button above the crown out the alarm is then set, when it sounds just push the button back in to stop it. (more…)