Archimedes Pilot

The Archimedes Pilot is a large Flieger type watch that is based on the wartime B-Uhr watches used by the Luftwaffe. It’s powered by a veritable workhorse of a movement, the ubiquitous ETA 2824-2, but I think the current range has switched to the Silletta 200.1 due to the restrictive ebauches (movements) and parts supply policy that Swatch group’s introduced. The daft thing is that ETA’s job, when it was part of ASUAG, was to provide the Swiss watch industry with ebauches which is why it seems so completely wrong for Swatch group to now be limiting supply of ebauches and parts as it affects the whole industry it was created to support!

Anyway, moan over now back to the watch 🙂

It came in due to a problem with the manual winding, it had been feeling a bit ‘graunchy’ for some time but it was now impossible to wind any power on at all, although it still wound through the auto wind mechanism without a problem.

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