Citizen 62-6198

I never pass up the chance to showcase one of these 1970’s Citizen dive watches, they do seem to fly under the radar somewhat, at least compared to the 1970’s counterparts from the Seiko stable. They come in many different varieties, far too many to go into detail here but well worth a read is Stephens blog section about the vintage Citizen divers of the 1960’s to 1980’s.

This particular one came in for a new crystal and insert. It’s one of the more sought after Citizen 150m dive models of the time as it has the red date numerals and “6000” on the caseback in place of the more usual “Citizen Watch Co”. These can be dated via the serial number using a similar system to that of Seiko. If you know the decade the watch was produced in the first digit represents the year of manufacture, the next two digits represent the month. This example starts 406, as these were produced in the 1970’s we can tell it’s from 1974, the 06 means June was the month it was manufactured. Stephen has produced a wonderful movement table for determining the date of production of vintage Citizen watches.

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