I still have a halt on accepting any new work I’m afraid, I think I seriously underestimated the length of the service backlog. As soon as I get it down to an acceptable level you’ll hear it here first.

Once again, apologies and thanks for your patience! ūüôā

The prices listed below cover most popular calibres but¬†if yours doesn’t fall into any of these categories please ask.

Movement Type Price
Manual wind date/no date £87
Automatic date/no date £97
Manual wind chronograph date/no date £182
Automatic chronograph date/no date £212
Modular chronograph (Dubois-Depraz etc) £232
Manual wind date/no date £87
Alarm watches £142
Seiko 6138 twin register chronograph £142
Seiko 6139 single register chronograph £117
Rolex manual/automatic date/no date £132
Quartz date/no date £87
Quartz chronograph £142
Battery change from £15

The above prices are for a full movement service only, and don’t include replacement parts or return postage. Any additional work costs¬†¬£30 per hour and is charged to the nearest half hour.

If you don’t need your watch servicing but do need a repair or a new crystal fitting then please contact me for a price.

With quartz watches, especially newer ones it actually works out cheaper (a lot cheaper in some cases) to replace the whole movement with a new one as opposed to servicing the existing one but I’ll always let you know what your options are when you enquire.

Servicing a front loading watch, for example a vintage Seiko 6159-7001, a CWC W10, various Tuna models or whatever will add £10 to the service cost.

Return postage costs are listed on the FAQ page.

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