Situation Report Jan 16th

From the looks of my work email inbox lots of you have been trying to contact me since I stopped work for the Christmas period on the 22nd Dec. Unfortunately on the 29th Dec I tested positive for coronavirus and initially it didn’t feel too bad for the first week apart from feeling constantly like throwing up and having joints that felt like they had rebar hammered through them! This changed during the second week and I went downhill rapidly with a complete loss of energy, a constant irritating cough and more worryingly a shortness of breath. Long story short is I’ve been in and out of hospital and am currently at home in bed with zero energy although my breathing has improved. I still get breathless just thinking about having to get up for a pee though! I’m spending a lot of time sleeping trying to rid the virus from my body. I’ve been meaning to post an update so people are aware of what’s going on but today’s the first day I’ve been able to switch the computer on and attempt it.

I have no chance of answering individual requests as there are hundreds of them, although there have been one or two that really needed a reply and I have taken care of those via my mobile. I’m not sure when I’ll be back at the bench but I’m hoping that by Mon 1st Feb I may be able to start work again, but of course that’s just a figure plucked out of the ether at the moment!

A lot of you have watches with me at the moment for servicing, restoration etc and the upshot is that any length of time from 4th Jan (which was when I intended starting back at work) is going to be added to the length of time I quoted when you sent me your job. So if I am back at the bench on the 1st Feb that would mean an extra 4 weeks unavoidably nailed on to your lead time. For this I apologise and of course if this means too long a wait then I will sort out getting your watch back to you.

Anyway here’s hoping recovery comes soon and I’m back where I’m destined to be, at the bench. I’m off to collapse back into bed now!

Watch repair blogs

I’m very happy to have had my blog awarded number 8 in the top 15 watch blogs from feedspot! All the more remarkable when I’ve hardly had the time to post any updates this year. Hopefully this will change as soon as possible as I have shedloads of interesting jobs to blog about, watch this space 🙂

Happy new year everybody – the start of another one!

Well 2016 is now behind us, thank goodness, it wasn’t a particularly good year on a personal level with accidents, deaths in the family and one thing and another. Unfortunately all this impacted quite severely on my ability to keep this blog updated on a regular basis. Having said that the work has been coming in thick and fast all year so I thought I’d show a little of what’s been across the bench to try and make up for the lack of updates.

I’ve seen quite a lot of vintage Seiko exotica on the bench last year including some early 6159-7000’s.

Seiko 6159-7000 (more…)

Seiko 6159-7001

Hands up all you vintage Seiko dive watch enthusiasts who remember this one? I certainly do, when it appeared on ebay last year I was inundated with requests for information for the duration of the auction! Some people were a bit coy and showed me a few photographs saying they “had the chance of purchasing a 6159 diver that was in pieces”, others were more candid and said “this 6159’s on ebay, what do you think?” Looking at the picture below it actually looks quite reasonable, probably in need of a relume you may think.

cb0b6cd7-4662-4608-b1d9-f6c5e766c175a (more…)