Tudor Pelagos

The introduction of the Tudor Pelagos (and the Black Bay) at Baselworld in 2012 reinforced Tudors ability to get the styling of their watches spot on. Whilst the Black bay was undoubtably inspired by the vintage Tudor divers of the 50’s and 60’s the Pelagos was much more up to date with it’s titanium case, 500m depth rating with just a nod to the traditional with it’s snowflake hands. Both watches were instant successes with people clamouring for both models in equal measures. The original Pelagos is powered by a slightly breathed on and decorated ETA2824-2, the new Pelagos which was introduced at this years Baselworld has an in house movement, the MT5612. This is hardly surprising with Swatch Group controversially cutting off the supply of ETA movements to manufacturers and parts to independent repairers (me!) at the end of this year. This Pelagos came in with an interesting problem, when manually wound the spring made a loud slipping noise almost as though the spring was broken near the barrel wall.

Tudor Pelagos ETA2824-2 (more…)