Rolex calibre 2235

A calibre 2235 powered ladies Rolex recently came in for a service with the problem that it “keeps stopping”. Once the back was off it was apparent why it kept stopping as the witness marks made by the rotor dragging on the movement showed.


The rotors axle had come loose, not enough to come off completely but enough for it to catch the movement and prevent it from turning freely and properly winding the movement. Once the rotor was removed the axle appeared to be in fine fettle with negligible wear so it was restaked back in place.


Once that was completed the rest of the watch was stripped ready for cleaning.



The 31 jewel 28,800bph 2235 movement is a feature packed movement, even more impressive when you take into consideration it’s diminutive size. Like it’s larger brother the 3135 it has provision on the balance bridge for quick and easy adjustment of the balance end-shake. It’s also nice to see a Breguet hairspring utilised on such a small balance wheel. The movements finish is of course well detailed, not overly fussy but pleasing to the eye.


A view with the automatic winding module refitted.


The lovely silver dial and handset refitted.


And a view of the recased movement before closing and pressure testing



All done now, it’s always satisfying servicing a handsome looking watch like this.


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