Jaeger-le-Coultre spruce up

This charming little ladies Jaeger-le-Coultre Etrier came in for a new crystal and a dial refinish as the ravages of time had taken their toll.


The crystal had suffered and needed replacement but as you can imagine with a vintage piece you can’t just buy a new one off the shelf. An order for a new crystal to be cut was placed.


I often wonder how dials manage to get so bad, I think in this case it’s due to moisture ingress at some point.


The dial removed and ready to be sent to the refinishers.


As small as the manual wind movement is it’s still beautifully put together and finished.


P1010886a The crystal arrived back from being cut and is a definite improvement.


The dial’s also looking so much better after it’s trip to the refinishers.


The dial and hands were refitted to the movement.


And the whole assembly was re-cased. This didn’t require to a huge amount of input from me above removing the dial and crystal, then organising the refurbishment work and refitting but it’s amazing the transformation work like this does to the look of the watch. It’s certainly a charming little ladies Jaeger-le-Coultre and looks very smart after it’s spruce up.




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