Help for breast cancer research – with Seiko content!

I had an unusual request recently, to paint the seconds hand of a watch from red to pink! I asked why the owner wanted this done and he explained the watch was his wifes and that she (and he) had just bought a pink highlighted NATO strap each that were being sold by a guy who’s raising money for breast cancer research. This particular chap and his wife had their world turned upside down 8 weeks after the birth of their first son when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of a feeling of hopelessness that there was little he could do to help his wife he decided to get some NATO straps manufactured and see if he could raise some funds to battle the disease. The story is here along with details of how to order your own strap, and there’s a link to Mikes instagram account here.

Here’s how the watch started….

Seiko 7S26-03X0

…here it is with the hand painted….

Seiko 7S26-03X0

….and here it is cased back up.

Seiko 7S26-03X0

Seiko 7S26-03X0

Seiko 7S26-03X0

It’s nice to see this community support for a fellow WIS and nice to see Hayley go the extra mile with the co-ordinated pink seconds hand! I’m just about to order my strap now 🙂

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