A dislodged yoke, the alternative approach

This lovely 1950’s Rotary triple calendar moonphase came in with the all too common problem of a dislodged yoke.


What had originally happened was the set lever retaining screw had loosened and allowed the stem to be pulled out, subsequently when the stem was reinserted the clutch was pushed under the the yoke dislodging it. The movement in this is a Venus 203 but this approach can be used on many different movements including the ubiquitous ETA 2824. The normal way of sorting this problem is to remove the hands, dial and date ring (if it has one) which gives you access to the keyless work.

The approach I find easier is to remove the barrel bridge to allow access from underneath, this prevents any possible damage to the dial and hands and means you don’t have to fiddle about aligning the date changeover at midnight. With an ETA 2824 you’d have to remove the rotor and autowind assembly first but that’s only three extra screws!


Remove the ratchet wheel.


Undo the barrel bridge screws and remove the bridge.


As you can see this gives you access to the clutch and winding pinion. Undo the set lever screw about one and a half turns and remove the stem, you can then remove the clutch and relocate the yoke to the correct position into the groove on the clutch. Re-assemble lubricating as you go.


A lot easier than removing handsets, dials and calendar components!

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