Seiko 7548-7000

The 7548-7000 was Seikos first attempt at a quartz powered dive watch and was adapted from the 6309 platform. As such it’s a tremendously over engineered movement and consequently one of my favourite quartz movements. The 7548-7000 was destined for the Japanese domestic market and sports an English/Kanji day wheel. Supergroup Queens lead guitarist Brian May has famously worn one of these for many years.


The watch featured is in remarkable condition and came in for a service and battery change as the owner plans to keep it long term.


It’s still sporting it’s original GL831 rubber strap which is good to see. You can still make out some of the original blue caseback sticker in between the wave on the tsunami logo!


A look inside shows it’s very clean and the all important battery strap is still in place.


The dial and hands are in tip top order on this one, in this shot they are lined up ready for removal.


The watch was fully stripped down, it may be a quartz movement but what a robust one it is.



Re-assembly began with the centre wheel…..


….then the bridge and motion work….


….then the top plate and hacking lever.


The circuit block, coil and battery were then replaced and it ticked once more.


The calendar side bears a striking resemblance to the 6309 from which the movement was developed.


The keyless work re-installed.


Ready for the day-wheel, it could almost be a 6309 from this view!


Dial and handset refitted.


The movement recased.


The pressure test is next.


Another one done and what a beautifully original example it is.





      1. Duncan… so great to see this watch again (previously owned by me and stupidly let go). It still looms fresh and sharp… and that strap is the most comfortable I ever had. Good news for me… It is coming back into the mrwozza70 fold very soon. I now know it will be running sweet for a goid while. Keep up the brilliant work.


  1. Not 20 minutes ago, I found my beloved 7548-7000 exactly where I put it (and forgot) 32 years ago, in a pocket of the backpack I wore while trekking in Nepal. I remember now that I caught the (metal) band on a rock, and it broke, causing me to stow the watch and spend the rest of the trip watchless.

    In the intervening years I have bought many nice watches. It will be interesting to see how much I wear the Seiko now that I have it back.


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