Seiko 6206-8040 Business

During the 1960’s a lot of different Seiko models carried the “Business” or “Business A” logo. This branding appealed to Seikos marketing department for a short period and seemed to be aimed at the Japanese salary man. He could proudly wear his new Seiko to work knowing it was designed for “business” people! The example featured is powered by the calibre 6206B, an automatic wind, 18,000bph, 26 jewel day/date movement. As I’ve mentioned before the 62xx series powered a vast range of Seikos models from divers to Grand Seikos. This one came in for a service and to sort out the common problem of the crown jumping whilst setting the day, date or time. As can be seen these models are a handsome watch which wear a lot bigger than they actually are due to the slim bezel making the dial look huge. A feature I particularly like about these is the full day window, these were typically positioned at 6 or 9 0’clock on the dial. The sunburst finish of the dial is also a nice touch.


With the caseback removed you can see the rhodium plated movement which is still in excellent condition in this particular watch.


With the movement uncased you can have a closer look at the beautiful finish of the dial, the dauphine type hands are also wonderfully crafted with two mirror finish sides and a grained finish to the flat top.


Underneath the dial lies the day/date rings, Japanese domestic market versions of these watches have full kanji script days printed which look very cool.


The stripdown uncovered no issues apart from the worn clutch and date corrector which I’ll cover later.


With the movement turned over the stripdown could begin on the motion work side.


Again there were no surprises and soon the movement was fully stripped ready for cleaning and inspection.



Once cleaned and inspected as I suspected the clutch was very worn, so a NOS one was used. I’m nearly out of these now and I’m not sure where I’ll find any more.


Also on this one the date corrector was very worn. This tends to happen (but not always) as the teeth of the clutch act on the gear on the bottom of the corrector. Again a NOS one was used for the rebuild.


The rebuild itself started with the mainspring.




Ticking away nicely in this shot.


The calender side was started, the new clutch and date corrector have been fitted here. You can see the two diafix shock protected jewels below the canon pinion in this shot, there are two more of these on the opposite side and crank the jewel count up by eight! This leaves us with 18 and the lone extra one is situated on the date ring guard which brings us back to the more regular 17 jewel count.


The calendar side almost complete, the date ring is in beautiful condition for a fifty year old piece.


It’s ready for the dial and hands here….


….which have been fitted in this shot.


The movement was recased and the rotor refitted.


And the caseback was tightened down. This must have been a presentation watch as there are some Japanese characters engraved around the side, I’d love to know what they say. Note the lovely dolphin emblem, it matches my avatar!


And here she is back to rude health again.





  1. Hi,
    The kanji on the caseback appear to read:
    10年勤続表彰 (10 year continuous service public acknowledgement/recognition/award)
    藤井製作所 (Fujii Factory)

    Searching for that second line returns web sites of a couple of companies that appear to have been around long enough to have perhaps been the one that awarded this watch?


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