Omega SMP Quartz

Omegas Seamaster Professional series of watches have been produced since 1993 but the Seamaster series was actually introduced in 1947, with that history behind them you can see they are a very popular watch with the non collector market as well as collectors. The SMP comes in many different variations including chronographs, GMT’s, divers and even an APNEA model with a unique timing function for the apnea free-diving breathing technique! In addition to this they come in a huge array of sizes from ladies models through to the 49.2mm Railmaster version, and many different limited editions versions celebrating their link with the Bond movies. This particular quartz powered model came in for a full movement service and basic pressure test.


The wavy caseback design is also embossed with Omegas Hippocampus logo.


Remove the caseback and the soft iron antimagnetic shield can be seen.


Remove the shield and the calibre 1538 movement can be seen.


Underneath the battery some corrosion is present, this is a killer for quartz watches if left unchecked, it can rot through terminals and destroy circuit boards.


With the movement uncased the decorated “wavy” dial and skeleton hands are revealed.


The dial and handset have been removed revealing the calendar components.


This particular model has Omegas “Time zone” feature which allows the hour hand to be set independently of the minute hand. This works via a clever magnetic clutch, arrowed in the picture. It does make setting the date a faff if it’s 15 days out, but being a quartz it should never get that far out of sync!


With the calendar components out of the way the bare mainplate can be seen and the lengthy coil is visible through the slot cut in it.


With the movement turned over and the circuit board removed the train and keyless work can be seen.


Everything is now removed in this shot….


….and it’s all ready for cleaning and inspection.



After cleaning the rebuild begins.



The calendar side completed.


The dial and handset refitted, as ever with quartz movements the fiddly part is getting the seconds hand lined up successfully with the markers. It usually takes me a few attempts before I’m happy!


The movement recased and ready for screwing in place.


The caseback was replaced and the pressure test completed.


Whilst this was happening the bracelet received an ultrasonic clean.


And she’s finished, a lovely example of a watch that’s actually been worn regularly and not sat in a collection box!




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