Breitling Colt battery change

This Breitling Colt chronograph came in for a battery change recently so I thought I’d document the procedure for anyone thinking of having a go at doing it themselves.


Most modern Breitlings have a distinctive multi sided caseback ranging from 13 to 15 sides. This makes removal without the correct tool a precarious affair. If you’re lucky you may get one that hasn’t been closed properly and you’ll be able to undo it with a horb (a silicone ball designed for undoing casebacks). However if you attempt to open it with a Jaxa type tool the chances are it will end badly with at best a marked caseback where the jaws of the tool slip and leave gouges. What is needed the correct sized die for the caseback you’re undoing, I use a Bergeon 5700 tool for undoing most casebacks and this is pretty much the industry standard tool that’s used for screw down casebacks. You can buy various die sets for different brands of watch, Breitling, Panerai, Omega, Rolex etc. These clip on to the tool and make safe opening a simple affair. The die below is a 15 sided one designed to fit this model of Colt.


The watch is loaded into the tool and the nylon jaws are tightened up to keep the case from turning.


The die is lined up and lowered onto the caseback, press down and turn anticlockwise to unscrew it. There is a locking ring you can utilise to prevent the die trying to force itself upwards and slip, this is particularly useful for Rolex casebacks, however I find it’s not necessary to utilise it with Breitlings.


Once the caseback is undone you need to remove the beautifully decorated movement cover, two screws is all it takes.


Once it’s off the battery is readily accessible. Undo the screw a turn on the left hand side screw and the retaining clip can be swung clear to release the battery.


With the battery changed it’s then just a case of replacing the cover and giving the caseback seal a touch of silicone grease using a gasket greasing tool. Replace the caseback and check the watch is still water resistant.


With that done the watch is complete. The best advice I can give with Breitling is if you don’t have the correct die don’t attempt to remove the caseback, it’ll end in tears!




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