Omega Seamaster Chronograph 145.016-68

One of the more unusual jobs that came in at the end of last year was this Omega Seamaster chronograph. The Seamaster chronograph is a lot less common than the Speedmaster chronograph or moonwatch as it’s become known. This example is from 1968 and as such would be classified as a pre moon watch if it were a Speedmaster. It’s powered by Omegas calibre 861, cam operated, three register chronograph movement. The watch itself is in lovely condition and just needed a service carried out to get it functioning as it should do.

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Omega Seamaster 120

I thought I’d feature this example as it’s one of the lesser trumpeted Seamasters that Omega produced but just as good looking and collectable as it’s 300 & 600 stablemates, in fact with it’s slimmer case it’s more at home with a formal business suit in my opinion. This one arrived for a service and a new crystal along with a relume of the bezel pip.

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Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321

I’ve written about the Omega Speedmaster before so I won’t delve into the history but it’s nice to have a pre moon one on the bench with the original calibre 321 movement inside. This one dates from about 1967 according to the serial number and as such is know as the ‘pre moon’ because it pre dates the Apollo moon landings. This example came in for a spruce up, a service and to sort a couple of niggles.

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Omega Speedmaster 1977

Omegas Speedmaster watches have to be one of the most iconic chronographs that have ever been made. From it’s introduction in 1957 to the present day the design has changed very little, an original CK2913 speedy is still undoubtably related to every model that came later. The movement changed throughout the years starting with the column wheel calibre 321, in 1968 the cam lever calibre 861 was introduced and in 1977 some small modifications were made and it became the calibre 1861. In more modern times movements based on the F. Piguet 33xx and the Omega calibre 9300 have been utilised. Of course the Speedmaster shot to fame with NASA choosing it as their official watch certified for space flight in 1965, and it was taken to the moon on a number of occasions. This fact is celebrated on the back of Speedmasters produced since then with the legend ‘First Watch Worn on the Moon’ engraved on the back. This 1977 example came in for a movement service, it was also suffering from a fluttering seconds hand and chrono creep on the hour register.

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Omega SMP Quartz

Omegas Seamaster Professional series of watches have been produced since 1993 but the Seamaster series was actually introduced in 1947, with that history behind them you can see they are a very popular watch with the non collector market as well as collectors. The SMP comes in many different variations including chronographs, GMT’s, divers and even an APNEA model with a unique timing function for the apnea free-diving breathing technique! In addition to this they come in a huge array of sizes from ladies models through to the 49.2mm Railmaster version, and many different limited editions versions celebrating their link with the Bond movies. This particular quartz powered model came in for a full movement service and basic pressure test.

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