Seiko World Time

Seikos reference 6217-7000 World Time was introduced in 1964 to coincide with the Olympic games which were held in Tokyo that year. Seiko were chosen as the official timekeepers for the event, a very prestigious contract to be awarded. The watch was powered by the automatic, 17 jewel, 18,000bph, 6217a calibre which was actually a development of the 603 calibre which first appeared in 1960. The 62xx series of movements powered everything from the World Time to the Grand Seikos of the day. The World Time allows you to determine the time in any one of 24 time zones around the globe with the use of its rotatable inner bezel. Line up a city that’s in your current timezone with the 24 hour hand and you can reference the other timezones using the 24 hour scale. This example came in for a movement service and a bit of work to the bracelet. It’s unusual in a couple of respects, firstly it has the more uncommon brown dial and city ring (these were mostly produced with a sliver dial and city ring), and secondly it’s still on its original bracelet which you very rarely see. It always a pleasure to work on a watch which means a lot to the owner, this was his late fathers watch who bought it brand new back in the sixties.



Rolex Explorer II adjustment

One of the reasons I enjoy working on Rolex watches is the fact that in most cases inexperienced hands haven’t been inside trying to adjust or regulate due to a couple of factors. The first is the caseback design which needs the correct sized die to allow it to be opened, it can’t be achieved with a £2.99 pair of needle nosed pliers like a lot of traditional casebacks.  Secondly, once inside you then need a microstella adjusting tool to actually adjust the rate of the watch, there’s no regulating lever to prod back and forth with a blunt implement before slipping off and squashing the hairspring, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve had watches sent for regulation where this has clearly happened!

A friend of mine sent me this Rolex Explorer II for a check up which has been his daily wearer for the last 10 years or so. He works in engineering in a brewery and there’s been no pampering of this example – it genuinely leads the life of a tool watch.

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